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RadioRope is a high quality double braided rope manufactured with a 16 gauge 45 mil jacket wire in the center.  It is intended as a portable perimeter that can be used with any electronic wired pet fence system.  For a properly trained dog it can be used for camping, visiting relatives, cottages, apartments as well as other uses.  It is also great for keeping your pet off the ice or swimming pool cover during the winter months.

It is a Made in the USA product out of weather resistant polyester that is both durable and highly visible to both people and dogs.  Dogs have dichromatic vision enabling them to see blue-violet and yellow with the rest of the world being shades of grey.  Yellow being both visible to dogs and humans was our choice for the same reasons many extention cords are also yellow.  Instead of just using a wire the rope protects the wire from foot, bicycle or other vehicle traffic while also making it highly visible for safety reasons.

Pictured above is a 200' section on a reel that has a folding handle and crank.  It can be purchased in any length.  For further information please call the numbers above.