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If you are paying someone to professionally install your pet fence here is how we stand out.

1. Manufactured in the USA and the ability to program to most other fence systems.

2. We have 'vibation only' receiversfor a more humane approach to impaired dogs.

3. Nine different sizes and types of contact posts for the many different types of coats.

4. Batteries-At most settings we use less batteries then our competitors and cost less.  We will not threaten to void your warranty if you do not buy from us or use the correct comparable aftermarket batteries.  Our batteries are not proprietary and we sell batteries for other pet fence systems as well.

5. Installed using commercial grade copper wire.  Copper is the best when it comes to transmitting a radio signal and be cautious of smaller gauge/jacket or copper clad wiring that is used to save money.

6. 30 day money back guarantee - We offer an honest 30 day money back guarantee with 30 day billing to the homeowner.  Others may say this but if so then why do they ask for a down payment before any work is performed?  We are so confident in our product and training you will see it work before you pay us.

7. You have the ability to make changes to your system.  Your digital transmitter is your programmer.  A great advantage when training a new dog vs. paying for controlled programming, service calls and training visits.  No magnetic settings that can change accidentally.

8. Honest up front pricing with no sales pitch.  We will not call you back to offer a lower/sale price which should have been given the first time or try to make any promises to close the deal and get your business today.  It's not that we don't want your business but will respect your privacy.

Pet Stop prides itself on having products that no other manufacturer can match and providing personal service long after your purchase.