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Training Your Pet

    Some companies may sell pet fence systems based on packages that have a certain number of training visits.  In my opinion, if your product has a pet containment guarantee like Pet Stop, I am going to do as many visits as I have to make sure you're satisfied and your pet is safe.  I could tell you I will include two, three or four training visits but most of us have to let our pets outside this often in one day.  Truthfully, it is you the owner that is going to be working with your pet more than anyone else.  It is you that knows your pet the best and it is you they want to please.  We also understand there are certain situations when a pet owner is unable to do any of the training and special arrangements can be made for this. 


     A dog's personality and size can determine what level to program your receiver to.  Pet Stop's Gentle Steps™ training method is a choice some pet owners prefer to give your pet a low stress approach.  This is where your system's programming features come in use. 

    Most customers after a couple visits understand the training techniques and what will work best for their pet.  Along with my visits I also provide a training guide that gives good advice.  It is only a guide for you to apply what will work for you and the timeframes can vary based on your pet's personality.  I will also provide you with a programming guide and go over it with you so you can program your own receiver.  Some companies will choose not to do this so you have no choice then to call them for a service call when you want to change things or start a new dog in trainng.  Usually upon completion of your pet's training you'll never have to touch the programming feature again.  If in the future you get a new pet you'll know what to do and if you have questions call me and my advice is always free.