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    Our Pet Fence products can be installed indoors as well as outside.  We will use a  commercial grade solid copper wire but more importantly it will have a at least a 45 mil jacket to protect it from damage.  For the best frequency transmission available I use only copper wire and not a copper coated steel.  I use only solid copper wire and not stranded.  Stranded wire can create a 'wicking' effect much like the wick on a candle and is used by other companies because it is easier to handle.  Many store bought retail brands come with 500 feet of 20 or even 22 gauge wire that most often will not last the lifetime of your system.

    Installation is not limited to the product we sell.  If you already purchased a system or have one from a previous residence we can install just the wire or entire system.  If you feel your current system will not meet your needs or you would like to upgrade to a more programmable system please ask about our Swap-Out Program or click on the Pet Stop tab above.

    Installation can be done year round.  If the ground is frozen the wire can be placed on the lawn with landscape staples and then later trenched when warm weather arrives.  

    The wire is installed with low impact equipment similar to a rear tine rototiller and hand installation for the more detailed areas.  The boundaries can include your whole yard or leave certain areas open, such as giving your pet access to the lake.  For those concerned about access to the the water/ice when cold weather arrives there are seasonal options available to make sure your pet is safe.  Installation time can vary but most jobs are done in a single day with your pet to begin training immediately.

    Indoor systems can be as simple as placing a unit by a doorway, trash can or middle of the room.  It can also be wired and customized for multiple doorways and openings.

    I'm sorry but due to insurance restrictions our equipment is not available for rent.  Most people find that our price for installation is very reasonable and will change their mind when it comes to considering equipment rental. 

Satisfaction Policy

    Many times after an installation the homeowner will change their mind right away realizing they gave their pet too much room or not enough.  Either way I want you and your pet to be satisfied for a long time to come.  So for any reason, I will return within the first two weeks to modify your boundary.  The only additional charge will be .35 cents per foot of wire in excess of 100 feet.  I offer this and recommend it within the first two weeks while the dog is still under direct supervision and in training. 

Minimum Installation Charge 

    To cover basic expenses for all customers there is a installation charge of $335.00 and this includes the mounting of your system and up to 1000 feet of commercial grade wire we supply.  Customers purchasing under the Swap Out Program that already have pets trained and no wire to be installed have will have no installation charges.  Swap Out installation charges are waived provided your new system requires no special mounting requests and your current wire is working.