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Our Company

    Our Company is a family owned and operated independant dealership for Perimeter® Retail and Pet Stop Pro Pet Fence Systems and Products.  We sell other pet related products and are the exclusive dealer for RadioRope™.  We are pet lovers ourselves and have personally  used or are now using the products we sell.

    My parents lived in the town of Waterville Ohio when I was born and I lived in Monclova and Whitehouse while growing up.  After attending Anthony Wayne High School and then later Penta County Vocational School I enlisted in the US Navy for almost six years and learned the trade of Air Traffic Control.  I worked in the control tower at the Toledo Express Airport for twenty five years and took early retirement after almost 31 years of service. Although I have resided in NW Ohio most of my life our family wanted to live on a small lake so we moved to our current residence just across the state line on Posey Lake where we plan on residing forever.  I always had dogs as a child growing up and I remember our first dog my dad brought home was a Collie mix we named King.  Though we soon learned and had to change her name to Princess.  From then on it was pretty much whatever stray I could get away with keeping.  Right now we have a couple of wonderful Labradoodles.

(Clifford & Aslan trying to sneak in the kitchen window)   

My experience with electronic pet fences started back in 1993 when my wife and I purchased a retail product from the local farm supply store but had no success.  We bought a new house in 1996 and decided to purchase a professional higher quality product and were very successful.  Over the years we have trained many of our dogs that we rescued from shelters as well as helping friends and neighbors.  I am familiar with both AM and FM systems as well as our own DM (Digital Modulation) system.  After we recently bred our dog we decided to keep one of the puppies and I needed a new receiver for him.  Instead of going to our current pet fence dealer I learned about Pet Stop's ability to be programmed to my system with more features and for less money.  When I inquired to purchase a Pet Stop® receiver I found my area was being serviced but the closest dealer was far away.  I applied for the dealership explaining my early retirement plans from the Federal Government and wanted to keep busy with something that I would enjoy.  After meeting with the company and product training I was awarded the dealership for Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

    I buy directly from the factory in Morgantown, PA where our product is Made in the USA.  There is no distributor that has to raise the price so they can make money also.  I don't pay an estimator, installer, trainer or office staff and am able to pass this savings on to you.  I will work with you and your pet one on one throughout the whole process and be the same one you contact in the future with any questions.  When demand for systems does get high I have installers to help that are experienced and personally own our systems.  Our systems are backed by a nationwide guarantee and serviced locally.  I am committed to working with you and your dog and I strongly believe that noone is going to know or work with your pet as well as you the owner.  It is you they live with and want to please.  

    Pet Stop's nationwide dealership has a strong ethic of dedicated service in which I am required to service what I sell in 3 days with most issues usually resolved in 24 hours or less.  You can call me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

    I also believe just learning about our product's quality, features and prices are what makes it sell.  There will be no high pressure sales or repeated contacts without the customer's request.  I know what "thank you for your time means" and will respect your privacy.

Thank You,

Rick N. Evans