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IMPORTANT INFORMATION- PLEASE READ BATTERY INFORMATION - There have been some questions from customers about our Pet Stop batteries and I will try to explain why we now have the best and most tested battery in the business. Your Pet Stop reciever has an actual voltage check system built in to it. We are the only ones to have this feature. Other companies that have a battery light on their receiver do not check the voltage but are a timer designed to go off so much time after the battery is inserted. A timer results in many pet owners throwing out a battery that is still good and would still work if just reinserted but not last long enough until the next timed period. The way our Pet Stop receiver checks the battery is immediately upon insertion and then every hour after that. If it detects proper voltage upon insertion it will not give a low battery light. Once inserted, it takes 48 straight hourly reports of poor voltage to trigger the low battery light and at anytime the voltage is good it starts the 48 hour process all over again. Customers would report a premature low battery light which after extensive testing of our receivers led us to the battery. If all we had was a timer and not a voltage check we never would have learned that not all lithium batteries are the same. Lithium batteries exposed to cold temperatures perform very similar to your cell phone if left in the cold and then restored by bringing it back indoors. Pet fence batteries can perform this same way, but it's just that we are able to detect it through our voltage check system. That is why some customers that left their collar in the barn or unheated garage for a couple days at below zero temperatures may see a low battery light. The owner would then report the low battery light going away. Just because the low battery light is on does not mean your reciever is not working. It will still continue for a long after the light appears but is a good reminder. Because the battery check happens upon initial insertion and warns if the voltage is too low we learned that suppliers of batteries have as much as a 10% failure rate which again only we were able to detect. Other pet fence companies are still inserting batteries not knowing if they meet the proper voltage. Buying batteries that didn't meet our standards was not an option so Perimeter Technologies invented and trademarked a tester called the Eliminator. Our Eliminator now checks every battery before it goes out to the customer by putting it through a quick draw down test to see if it meets our standards. The result is a cost savings for us, a properly functioning reciever, a happy customer and ultimately a safer pet. The reason some customers got a low battery light is because they would purchase after market batteries that did not get a chance to get eliminted through testing. It is hard to estimate the average number of batteries a dog will use because some dogs test the system more then others and different recievers have different programs. Most get by with two batteries per year with some having to use three based on the receivers programming and their dogs attitude towards wanting to challenge the fence. Personally, with my dogs I have gotten as little as 4 months and as much as nine months and I know my one still tries to put her nose in the trash but is son reminded that there is an indoor unit to stop her. The shelf life of a lithium battery can be up to 5 if you listen to the manufacturer but I recommend keeping no more then a two year supply on hand and ours will have a stamp date.  I am not telling everyone this so they should have to purchase their batteries from me but if they do they should feel a little more comfortable. I tell everyone that the battery can be purchased at other places but you will find my prices considerably less. From what I hear I probably have the cheapest priced battery in the country. I get alot of calls from across the country to buy my batterries but am restricted to only my territory. I take alot of criticism for this from even within our own network but know that alot of money is made off of people that are just uninformed and don't know to look elsewhere. 

Thank You,

Rick N. Evans

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