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Pet Stop® Batteries

(I can only provide Pet Stop batteries to customers that reside in the NW OH/SE Michigan area)

Call 800-689-4148 for pricing

- 6 volt lithium(Ultra Elite/Ultra Elite S2)

- 7.5 volt silver oxide(Ultra Max)

(2-3 batteries/pet/year recommended)

Invisible Fence® Brand Replacement Battery

$8.95 - Energy Cell® replaces the Power Cap®

(4 batteries or cells/pet/year recommeded by Invisible Fence Company)

Dogwatch® Battery

$9.95 - 7.5 volt silver oxide(for Original/R100/R200)

Comfort Contacts Mounts/Tips

$9.00 - Set of 2(Includes Rubber Tips)(Specify Size)

$3.00 - Set of 2 Rubber Tips Only(Free Shipping)

Contacts fit PetSafe/Dogwatch/InvisibleFence Receivers

       Small 1/2"         Medium 5/8"          Large 3/4"

Steel Contact Probes

$9.00 - Set of 2(Specify Size)

Contacts fit PetSafe/Dogwatch/Invisible Fence Receivers

      X-Short 1/4"               Short 1/2"        Medium 3/4"

        Long 7/8"

Gentle Spring Contacts

$12.00 - Set of 2(3Three sizes available)

Picture not available - Available in 3 sizes and are great for a Husky, Shepherd, Malamute, etc type of coat.

Spring Contacts fit PetSafe/Dogwatch/Invisible Fence Receivers

We carry contact posts  for all brands of receivers.


$2.00 for batteries or Free when purchasing 4 or more.

$2.00 per Set of Contacts

Matercard/Visa/Discover accepted

Please call, E-mail or Write with your order



Rick Evans

1220 S. Posey Lk. Hwy

Hudson, MI. 49247