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I wanted you to know how great Rick Evans is.  I have been researching a dog fence for a new home we are purchasing.  I had contacted a few companies and none seemed to have as good of customer service or mannerism as Rick.  The brochure he sent was very professional and further promoted a certain excellence.  The prices provided and very reasonable and the fact he does offer other supporting items is why I am selecting Rick and your product line.  I know I could have purchased a Pet Safe system and it installed it myself but I wanted it done right and this way I can focus on other new home projects so the fair rate was also a deciding factor.  Invisible Fence Company priced themselves out from furhter consideration in the first two minute.  KUDDOS to your company and Rick!

James K., Carey OH.

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the fence and in house device!  It is such a peace of mind not having to keep an eye on her at all times!  

Shanda B., Hudson, MI.

"Thank You!, We are always pleased with your customer service and willingness to continue to assist with any issues we may have with our Pet Stop equipment!"

Kristen H., Temperance, MI.

"the Pet Stop fence works great.  We are very happy with the results.  Thank you for all your help"

Bob & Betty G., Holland, OH.

"the fence is working great, the dogs are trained very well, even when a squirrel is on the other side, thanks.

"Great guy! Highly recommended.  It's been almost a year and the fence is still great, and the great customer service still continues." 

S.T., Whitehouse OH.

"TJ has adjusted well and accepts the fence without question.  Thank you for a great training job.  Stop in and say hello when you get by the area"

T.W., Adrian MI.

I want to thank you for making Lady decide to stay at home.  We don't tempt her when we're driving away with farm equipment, but all day long I'm not having to keep track of Lady. Wonderful! The corn is all off, and Lady still stays here.  She is safe.  We always loved her alot, but we couldn't trust her.  We had to confine her if we drove away.  Now we have a much better quality of life.  Thank You!  If we hadn't met you at the Fulton County Fair, Lady would still be the boss.

L. & E. H., Okolona OH.

"I've recommended it to the local vet clinic, very pleased with the personalized service."

T.D., Morenci MI.

"We have recommended Rick to our neighbors, friends and daughter"

K. & C. M., Maumee OH.

"Did a great job, very satisfied with the product and Rick"

V.B., Sylvania OH.

"Hi Rick, Thanks for the batteries, we love the fence.  Best thing we ever did.  See you this summer."

K.L., Hudson MI.

"the fence is working great.  Bruce gets very close but has not crossed the fence since the battery has been replaced.  Thank you again for the excellent work you did."

L.W., Tecumseh MI.

"Thanks Rick. Actually things are going great. Sophie doesn't EVER cross the boundaries. I even forgot to put her collar on her in the middle of the night the other night, and she chased a rabbit until she got to her boundary and stopped...without the collar on even! I am sooo glad we invested in this for her. It's a life saver!"

E.G., Delta OH.